Liberal quits after porn cinema drunk row

A Liberal politician from the Stockholm area has resigned after it emerged that he was arrested on Saturday for drunkenness at a porn cinema.

Daniel Andersson, 50, a councillor in Solna, allegedly ‘behaved threateningly’ at the porn cinema in Södermalm in Stockholm, and claimed that he had a pistol in his pocket.

Local newspaper Mitt i Solna said the police were called, and searched the man. He was arrested for drunkenness, although he was released without charge later in the day.

Södermalm police confirmed on Tuesday that the politician was arrested, but said he was not suspected of any crime.

The Liberal Party in Solna called on him to leave his position and renounce his candidacy in next week’s election.

“He needs to concentrate on getting the help he needs to sort out his personal situation,” said Martin Andreasson, parliamentary candidate and chairman of the Liberal Party in Solna.

Andersson denied acting threateningly.

“I have failed in my judgment by being in the wrong place and having drunk too much,” he said.

Asked by news agency TT where he was, he replied, “I was in a bar where they were showing adult films.

“Nobody will believe me if I say I wasn’t watching,” he added.

He said the police had no reason to hold him while he sobered up.

“I guess I’m not the first person to be taken in by the police without being allowed to show my true alcohol level.”

Anderson initially said on Tuesday afternoon that he would not resign his post, but rather “take time out”.

Later on Tuesday the party released a statement from Andersson saying that he was leaving his political positions.

“We have spoken with him and he feels very bad about the situation he has got himself into,” said Martin Andreasson.