Press chief dragged into Liberal scandal

The crisis at the Liberal Party deepened on Tuesday afternoon, after press chief Niki Westerberg was dragged into the criminal investigation over unauthorized access to the Social Democrats' computer network.

The Liberals’ party secretary Johan Jakobsson told a press conference on Tuesday afternoon that he knew in March that Per Jodenius, press secretary of the party’s youth movement, LUF, had made unauthorized entry into the Social Democrats’ intranet.

It was Westerberg, press chief at the party’s headquarters, who informed Jakobsson. She is now the subject of a criminal investigation and has gone on leave.

Jakobsson said that he should have ensured that the Social Democrats or he public were informed. He claims he told Jodenius that he was not to use the log-in details and to make public that he had the information.

Jodenius himself now says that he never logged in after this time, and that he went to a journalist to say what had happened. But the Liberals say that the journalist, instead of publishing the admission, chose to make use of the log-in details.

“I ought to have followed up why it did not become public. I accept the blame for this,” said Jakobsson.

The Liberals’ internal investigation shows that Jodenius on several occasions passed to Niki Westerberg information allegedly garnered from the Social Democrats’ network. Jodenius himself says that on several occasions Westerberg had asked for further information. Westerberg says that she thought that Jodenius was getting the information from a contact in the Social Democrats.

The internal investigation produced no evidence to suggest that any confidential information from the Social Democrats had come to the Liberals’ attention after March 15th, said party leader Lars Leijonborg.

Top lawyer Peter Danowsky has been called in to double-check the information, Leijonborg said.

“This does not harm my confidence in Johan Jakobsson,” he added.