Ulvskog compares Leijonborg to rapist

Marita Ulvskog's comparison of Liberal Party leader Lars Leijonborg to a rapist has been criticised by feminists.

Accusing Leijonborg of passing the buck for the ongoing political scandal, the Social Democrats’ party secretary told Swedish Radio:

“He is acting like a rapist who blames the victim instead of saying ‘we have made a mistake, we take full responsibility.'”

Gudrun Schyman, spokeswoman for the Feminist Initiative, said her choice of words were unfortunate.

“I don’t think its a good metaphor to use,” she told The Local.

“I think you should think over the words and use them when it is proper to do that. It’s inflation of words, and if you inflate words they become meaningless,” she said.

“The main parties’ politics are so close that they are becoming more and more nasty.”

Lina Ploug, chairwoman of Roks, which provides shelter for abused women, said she didn’t want to get involved in a political debate, but said in relation to Ulvskog’s comments that “one should watch what one says.”

Social Democrat Press Secretary Fredrik Kornebäck, admitted on Wednesday that “maybe the words were not the best,” adding that her comment was in regard to several Alliance comments that the Social Democrats had held back information about the scandal and purposely waited for election time before making it public.