Liberal support in freefall

Support for the Liberal party has fallen dramatically in a new poll - despite the fact that the poll was taken largely before the scandal broke over Liberals breaking into the Social Democrats' network.

A new Sifo poll for Svenska Dagbladet gives the party 7.6 percent support – its lowest rating in four years. The figure represents a fall of 3.9 percentage points since the last Sifo poll, released on Saturday.

Support for the two political blocks is roughly even in the Sifo poll, with the Social Democrats and their partners leading by a wafer-thin 1.2 percentage points. The Liberals had 7.6 percent support – their lowest in twelve years.

The poll was taken between Friday and Tuesday, while the Liberal spying scandal only surfaced late on Sunday evening.

Another poll by Demoskop presented in Expressen paints a very different picture, with the Alliance supported by 49.9 percent of voters, compared with 45.7 percent support for the left-wing bloc. Demoskop also carried out its poll largely before the spying scandal surfaced.