Man stole shoes from disabled

A 39-year-old man from southern Sweden is suspected of stealing socks and shoes from women in wheelchairs.

The man, who is now in custody, reportedly took one handicapped woman into a building and rolled her into a closet before stealing one sock and one shoe.

In another case, the man supposedly tried to rob a wheelchair-bound woman of a sock and shoe while in an elevator. She was able to set off an alarm scaring the man away.

“The man is also suspected of stealing socks from stores,” said Torbjörn Carlson, police spokesman, according to Expressen.

The man was busted by police after several reports came in complaining of a sock thief. Witnesses were able to give a good description of him.

Police found hundreds of pairs of socks and many shoes at the man’s house during a search. The man in custody has confessed, saying his only goal was to collect the socks and shoes.