Prison guard wakes up to pig’s head on doorstep

Somebody in Norrköping is a Godfather fan.

A prison guard in a town south of Stockholm was shocked on Monday when he found an axe stuck in his front door and a bloody pig’s head on his doorstep.

The threat was the culmination of a series of threats that have happened over time, but Torsten Angervåg, chef prosecutor, said he couldn’t go into further details, reported newspaper Folket.

“I can describe the incident, but I cannot begin to speculate around what has happened or about which circle of people could be involved,” he said, according to Folket.

Police are taking the threat seriously and said it could be linked to previous threat the guard received — which led to a person being convicted of threatening an official.

The case will soon be taken up again in the appeals court.

“We think it could have a connection to the previous case,” said Angervåg.