Prosecutors demand four years for Skandia’s Ramstedt

Prosecutors pushed hard for a tough sentence for former Skandia personnel head Ola Ramstedt at the end of his trial on Thursday.

According to prosecutors, Ramstedt allowed Skandia to pay some 17 million kronor for luxury renovations of several flats owned by several Skandia bosses several years ago.

Prosecutor Peter Nilsson wants Ramstedt to face up to four years in prison for his crimes.

“Ola Ramstedt has lied during the trial and that is why he should be sentenced to a stiff punishment,” Nilsson said, according to TT.

“All together, the three have contributed to create a false bill for 17.5 million kronor, which hurt Skandia,” he said.

Two others are being charged in the scandal. Previous head of properties at Skadia’s daughter company, Diligentia, Håkan Lennersand, who allegedly took a 6-million-kronor bump to his pension as payment for covering up the construction costs. Nilsson is recommending three and a half years in jail.

The third accused, a project leader, could face one year in jail.

Ramstedt’s defense attorney, Hans Strandberg, said Ramstedt was clumsy and made a mistake, but committed no crime. He said the appearance of the bill was a result of a misunderstanding.