Social Democrats ‘must have known’ about logins

Many computer experts in Sweden are coming forward wondering how the Social Democrats were able to go so many months without noticing a break in their internal network.

“It seems unbelievable that this occurred during such a long period if this affects their campaign,” said Louise Yngström, a computer science professor at Stockholm University, according to Svenska Dagbladet. “You wonder why the Social Democrats didn’t do something. It sounds strange that this is just coming out now.”

Last Sunday, the Social Democrats reported hundreds of incidents of unauthorized computer access to Swedish police, alleging that “someone linked to the Liberal Party” had hacked into the internal network. It is thought that somebody was able to access the network through a Social Democrat wireless Internet connection.

A 24-year-old employee of the Young Liberals Association, Per Jodenius, admitted to

Entering the Social Democrats private network on Monday. He was fired. Liberal Party Press Chef Niki Westerberg, who was passed information from Jodenius, but has claimed she didn’t know the information was stolen, went on leave from her position. Even Party Secretary Johan Jakobsson, who found out in March about the break-ins but didn’t say anything, resigned on Tuesday.

So with all of these break-ins with the Social Democrat network, experts are baffled at how such a sensitive site, using programs with adequate security, could have been wrongly entered so many times with out the Social Democrats throwing their hands up.

“I think the Social Democrats have known about this for a long time,” said Johan Thorbiörnson, a computer expert at the Royal Institute of Technology, to TV4.

Prosecutor Maria Häljebo, who is investigating the break-ins, said her report would not be complete before the elections on September 17.