Compensation for girl ‘who didn’t exist’

A four year old girl in Söderhamn has been given compensation by the Swedish state after her personal integrity was found to be violated when she was born.

The little girl was given the same personal number as another child, something which is not meant to be possible.

The mistake was discovered when the parents were not given any child benefit, according to the Hälsinge-Kuriren newspaper.

When the girl’s parents contacted the Swedish Tax Board they were told that their child did not exist. The person who had the personal number the parents mentioned was another gorl born in Västerås on the same day.

The mistake was eventually sorted out by the tax board and the girl was given a new personal number.

Nevertheless, the parents demanded compensation because they felt that their little girl’s personal integrity had been violated by the error.

The girl was awarded 2,500 kronor.

The Chancellor of Justice, who handles this kind of matter, stated in his decision that a newborn child cannot really be said to have felt violated by not having a personal number.

However, the compensation was awarded because “it can be accepted that as an adult the child would be aware that she had had the wrong personal number registered”.