23 year old named as possible minister

The Green Party has put forward a 23 year old member of parliament as a potential minister in a new government.

According to the party’s leaders, Peter Eriksson and Maria Wetterstrand, Gustav Fridolin is “one of the most obvious candidates” for a ministerial post.

“I was called yesterday by Peter at a gathering in Lund and asked the question,” Fridolin told news agency TT.

He did not give an immediate response but said that he was clearly interested in such a role.

The party believes he could take up issues such as democracy and equality. Gustav Fridolin said that his answer depended upon how, in the event of a victory in the election next weekend, a red-green government would be composed.

“But let’s win the election first and then I’ll consider a definite answer,” he said.

The Social Democrats have still not indicated how many ministerial positions would be made available to the Green Party and the Left Party if they win the election – if any.

Last spring, Fridolin said that he would leave parliament after four years.

“I don’t burn for a political career – I burn to change the world,” he said.

“I don’t think it would do any harm to continue for a bit longer. But I do think it’s time to get a proper job.”

If Gustav Fridolin does not become a government minister, he plans to study economics or work as a freelance journalist.