Naked and hungover in the US embassy bushes

He won't be the first 18 year old Stockholmer to wake up wondering where he is after a night of hard partying. But he is the first - and probably the last - to discover that he has come round in the grounds of the American embassy.

Naked and confused, the young man tried to hide himself in the embassy bushes on Sunday morning. But after a while he was caught and questioned by police.

“He thought he was taking part in some sort of game and had been given the task of hiding,” said inspector Britt-Inger Kihlström at Norrmalm police.

“It’s not clear who gave him the task and who he was hiding from.”

Police have ruled out the possibility that the 18 year old had any political motive for breaking into the grounds.

He has said that he was drinking with friends at a private party and then went on to a bar in Stureplan which closed at 3am. He remembers little else after that.

“But he thinks he took the bus towards Östermalm and that he crept around outside Swedish Radio and Swedish Television,” said Kihlström.

Somehow he managed to discard his own clothes, since nobody else appears to have helped him, said Britt-Inger Kihlström. She added that the police have not found his personal effects.

Then he climbed over the wall into the grounds of the US embassy, but he did not remember exactly where.

Kihlström said that the young man seemed surprised by the conclusion to his evening out.

The 18 year old was allowed to sober up and was then released. Under the circumstances he was said to be feeling fine. However, he may yet face charges for trespassing.

Britt-Inger Kihlström explained that the prosecutor would decide with the US embassy whether to press charges or to let the matter pass as a harmless prank.