Ministers pay tribute to murdered Lindh

Government ministers led the tributes to murdered Swedish foreign minister Anna Lindh, three years to the day after she was murdered in a Stockholm department store.

The Social Democrats’ party secretary Marita Ulvskog visited Lindh’s grave at the Katarina Church in Stockholm on Monday morning. She was accompanied by ministers Ulrica Messing and Mona Sahlin.

Lindh had been widely viewed as the next leader of the Social Democratic party. She was stabbed while visiting the NK department store in central Stockholm on September 11th 2003.

Two weeks later Mijailo Mijailovic was arrested for the murder. He was later convicted and confined to a secure hospital. No motive for the killing has so far been given.

The Supreme Court later overturned the earlier sentence, saying he should serve his time in a regular jail.

Mijailovic has since renounced his Swedish citizenship and is currently hoping to be transferred to a prison in Serbia.