Leijonborg ‘knew nothing’ about network scandal

Liberal leader Lars Leijonborg did not know that officials at his party were spying on the Social Democrats by logging into their internal network, the man at the centre of the scandal has said.

Per Jodenius, former press secretary of the Liberal youth movement LUF, logged into the Social Democrats’ intranet on 78 occasions. He was fired when the scandal came to light.

In an interview with Dagens Nyheter on Wednesday, Jodenius gave his version of events.

He said he believes that Leijonborg knew nothing about the spying until it was uncovered by the press last Sunday evening. He says that this version supports his claims about what happened when Jakobsson told Jodenius to go to the press back in March.

Jodenius says the purpose of talking to the journalist was to give them access to the login details. Jakobsson claims that he told Jodenius to contact the media so that the scandal would come out into the open.

But Jodenius argues that if Jakobsson had really wanted the media to report that a Liberal official had made unauthorized login attempts to the Social Democrats’ network then he would have informed Leijonborg back in March, as he would have been asked questions by journalists.

The former press secretary also revealed in the interview that the Liberals had brought forward their tour to promote their policies for the elderly after finding out that the Social Democrats were planning a similar tour.