Alliance parties reject Persson overtures

Göran Persson would consider cooperating with party's "on both sides of the political divide". That was his message as he appeared with the leaders of the Left and Green parties on TV4 on Tuesday.

Persson said he would consider ruling with anyone who would “stand up for Swedish welfare and a traditional foreign policy.”

“I do not rule out that when the Alliance loses they will want to try something else,” he said.

He opened the door for cooperation with the Centre Party and Christian Democrats, but ruled out cooperation with the Moderates.

The Alliance parties rejected the idea of cooperation with the Social Democrats on Tuesday.

Christian Democrat leader Göran Hägglund said “Göran Persson has chosen his route”.

“He was sitting together with his proposed government on TV yesterday. He can find his support of the Left. The door for us to cooperate with the Social Democrats is closed,” he said.

Centre Party leader Maud Olofsson said Persson’s words were a sign of desperation:

“This is the action of a dejected prime minister who is on his way to lose the election. All figures indicate that the Alliance will get more votes than the Social Democrats,” she said.