Reinfeldt’s slim hope of success

A specially-designed food and training regime is behind Fredrik Reinfeldt's recent slim-down, according to media reports.

The Moderates’ leader has lost several kilos during the past few months with help from personal trainer Mats Bergwell.

A special black box is delivered to Reinfeldt each day. In it, the Alliance’s candidate for the prime minister job finds a carefully prepared lunch and snacks to keep him going throughout the day.

Each time Reinfeldt is due to take a snack, he receives an SMS reminding him to do so. Reinfeldt has also spent hours each week burning off the calories.

“We rotate strength with condition training in two week cycles, three times per week,” said Bergwell, according to Expressen.

“From the beginning Reinfeldt was a typical unfit person. Now, he is totally changed.”

He said Reinfeldt is 60 percent stronger and his condition has improved 100 percent.

Bergwell said despite his customer’s tough schedule, Reinfeldt has not missed one training session.

“My mission is to hold Fredrik in top form,” Bergwell said. “He has to be energetic, happy and fit the entire time.”

Bergwell said his next dream customer would be Reinfeldt’s opponent, Göran Persson.

“I think I would start with adjusting his diet,” he said.