Persbrandt demands record payout from Expressen

Swedish actor Mikael Persbrandt is to demand record compensation from the Expressen newspaper after it falsely stated that he had experienced alcohol poisoning and had checked himself in at a detox clinic.

“It will be between 400,000 and 600,000 kronor,” said Persbrandt’s lawyer, Per Liljekvist, to rival newspaper Aftonbladet. He added that the compensation demand – the highest ever in Sweden – would be faxed to Stockholm district court on Wednesday evening.

Liljekvist has previously told news agency TT that he was considering basing the compensation request on the profit Expressen would have earned from publishing the false articles.

That method for calculating compensation is common in the US and other countries, but courts in Sweden have tended to shy away from the approach, preferring instead to base the amount on similar cases in the past.

The former leader of the Left Party, Gudrun Schyman, demanded 150,000 kronor from Expressen in 2002 when the paper wrote that she had taken part in an erotic film.

But when the case was finally resolved in the Supreme Court, she was only awarded 50,000 kronor.

The case between Mikael Persbrandt and Expressen’s chief editor Otto Sjöberg came to court two weeks ago with introductory proceedings. It has not yet been decided when the main trial will be held.

Mikael Persbrandt is one of Sweden’s most ubiquitous actors, having appeared in numerous television, film and stage productions. He is perhaps best known for his role in the Beck series.