Greedy sheep rescued from tree

Firemen may be well-practised in rescuing cats from trees, but the challenge facing the emergency services in Lund on Wednesday morning was an altogether different beast: a sheep stuck in a tree, seven metres from the ground.

When the fire engine arrived at St Lars park in the south of the city, officers found that a tree had partly fallen over and the sheep had worked its way up through the branches, lured by the tasty green leaves.

“It was the owner himself who called us, but the sheep probably would have been able to get down without our help,” said fire team leader Martin Kalthofs to TT.

Nevertheless, the firemen removed some of the branches and after a while the sheep calmly turned itself around and strolled back down the way it had climbed up.

A group of children followed the episode with much amusement and afterwards named the sheep Tarzan.

Saving animals who have got themselves into awkward situations is regular work for the fire brigade.

“But this is the first time I’ve had to deal with a sheep in a tree,” said Martin Kalthofs.