Alliance’s lead widens in poll

Sweden’s ruling Social Democrats are falling in the polls, while the center-right Alliance is gaining support, according to the Demoskop poll published by Expressen on Thursday.

Prime Minister Göran Persson’s Social Democrats, and the left-leaning Left Party and Green Party garnered the support of 44.8 percent of the electorate while the Alliance pulled in 50.2 percent.

Compared with the previous poll, the left bloc have lost 0.7 percentage points while the Alliance picked up 0.5 percent.

Support for the Social Democrats fell 0.7 percent to 33.3 percent, while the largest Alliance party, the Moderates, gained 1.1 percent in the poll, going up to 28.3 percent.

Other polls, however, indicate a much closer race. A Sifo poll for Svenska Dagbladet had the left bloc leading, with 48.7 percent against the Alliance’s 47.2.

The poll took place between September 9-12 and involved 1012 voters.