Maud: I forgot my polling card

When Centre Party leader Maud Olofsson decided to go to vote in advance at Stockholm’s Kulturhuset she forgot one important thing – her polling card.

Olofsson’s wanted her trip to be an encouragement to others to go out and vote, and she’ll certainly be hoping that most Centre Party voters manage better than she did.

With the media tipped off in advance, Olofsson walked the short distance from the Riksdag buildings to Kulturhuset, handing out dahlias to members of the public on the way. But when she arrived at the polling station, she noticed that she had left her polling card behind.

“Oh, how awful,” she exclaimed, before sending a staff member back to her office to find the missing polling card.

While people with proper identification do not need to take their polling cards if they vote on Sunday at their local polling stations, people wishing to vote in advance at council offices or post offices are required to take their polling cards with them.

Frank Nilsson, Olofsson’s press secretary, confirmed that Olofsson had forgotten her card “in the midst of all the general confusion.”

“She’d put it in a black bag and put it down somewhere,” he said.

“It was honestly not a publicity stunt,” he added.

“It is very important that people go and vote,” he said.