Comic portrays Alliance as Nazis

In a comic book being handed out by Sweden’s union group LO, opposition leaders are shown making uncouth remarks in a futuristic Sweden ruled by the center-right Alliance bloc.

Golfers riding in a cart are raping mutilated corpses. A mother says, “Throw darts at my hanging baby or die.” The material is the work of Pontus Lundkvist for the comic strip “Galagos.”

LO is very close to the ruling Social Democrats – the union group funds the party’s election campaign and the head of the movement sits ex-officio on the board of the Social Democratic Party.

The cartoons depict the Alliance in a very negative light: a man in a Christian Democrat-marked car yells, “Heil Hitler,” while another person in the car with a swastika on a helmet who appears to be killing children says, “Fredrik Reinfeldt will be proud and horny.”

The book was handed out at LO’s family day at the Kolmården zoo. Even the Social Democrats youth group, SSU, handed out the material at a high school in Jönköping, according to Aftonbladet.

Klaus Göran Ellan, LO spokesman, said he was made aware of the book a few months ago, and said he tried to tell local branch offices to stop distributing the material.

“This is nothing we are producing,” Ellan told The Local. “That kind of material is too hard for us to stand behind.”

Ellan said despite the national office being against the material, it could only advise the local branches against using the animated cartoon as part of campaign materials. In the end, it is up to the branch office to decide what material is handed out, he said.

Ellan said he would talk to LO leaders to decide whether the union group should apologize to Alliance leaders.

“There isn’t much we can do,” Ellan said. “We are three days away from elections.”