Hanoi Jane flies in for Schyman

Hanoi Jane is in Stockholm today, giving a bit of support to Feminist Initiative spokesperson Gudrun Schyman.

“It is nice to finally be here,” the 68-year-old actress Jane Fonda said at the meeting in Stockholm’s Kulturhuset on Friday, according to Aftonbladet. “We have been planning for many months that I would stand next to Gudrun from the Feminist Initiative.”

Fonda said she is here in Sweden to study the feminist movement. “Vagina Monologues” author Eve Ensler was also at the meeting.

“Sweden has started a feminist party and I came here to learn, just like I did in the 70s when I learned about the movement against the Vietnam war,” she said.

Fonda said the feminist movement was the answer to many questions.

“Only when we have all become equal can we do something about poverty in the world,” she said.”

Figures in the Feminist Initiative hope that Fonda’s presence will boost the party’s support in Sunday’s election. Most polls so far suggest that fewer than 1 percent of voters plan to vote for the party. But according to a poll commissioned by the Feminist Initiative from survey organization Sifo 8 percent of voters “would consider” voting for Schyman’s party.