Swedish climber stuck in Himalayas

A Swedish climber from Tyresö is stuck 6,400 metres up on a Himalayan mountain side after taking a nasty fall and hurting his back.

The 34-year-old man, who was climbing Mount Cho Oya, was on his way down to a spot on the Chinese side of the mountain when he and another climber fell injuring themselves.

The climber was able to activate an emergency satellite alarm pinpointing his location, but has of late Friday Swedish time, they had not been reached by a rescue team.

The man’s Swedish partner said he injured his back and has been able to make several short calls with the satellite phone. The two climbers have spent two nights alone on the mountain.

According to the girlfriend, her boyfriend needs a helicopter from Katmandu in Nepal, but there is a delay due to the pair of climbers being stuck on the Chinese side of the mountain.

“I spoke with him a few hours ago,” the girlfriend said late Friday night, according to Dagens Nyheter. “Now he is waiting for help to come on Saturday. He is in a sleeping bag and can not move.”