Leijonborg – this won’t slip through our fingers

Embattled Liberal leader Lars Leijonborg insisted the election campaign has been inspiring, despite the tumult over Liberal Party workers’ attempts to break into the Social Democrats’ computer network.

“We have cast between hope and despair,” he admitted to large crowds at the party’s final election rally in Stockholm on Friday.

“But people keep telling me – don’t drop the education issue,” he said to cheers.

“In the age of globalization, giving our children a better education is a matter of life and death.”

He also talked about jobs, pointing out that The Economist had called Sweden “world champion at massaging its jobless figures”.

“We have to give the message that this is highest on the Alliance’s list of priorities.”

He declared that no election had been as close as this one “for generations.”

“We will not let this chance slip through our fingers,” he said.

But Leijonborg could not let the moment pass without returning to the question that has dominated the final stages of the Liberals’ campaign. He angrily accused the Social Democrats of “exploiting” the network scandal, and said to rapturous applause that Sweden’s future “will not be decided by the mistakes of individuals.”