Ohly parades Norway’s example

Left Party leader Lars Ohly brought in reinforcements from across the border in Norway on Saturday to help his party in the final stages of the election campaign.

The Norwegian Socialist Left Party rules in a coalition with the Social Democrats in Oslo – something Ohly would dearly like to emulate in Sweden.

“They have both good and bad experiences from cooperating in government, but pretty much everyone thinks it’s right to go in and take overall responsibility,” he said after his party’s pre-election rally outside Åhléns department store in Stockholm.

“The election is far from decided, and we have a good chance of winning,” Ohly declared.

The former communist party’s board appointed on Saturday morning a troika consisting of Ohly and senior party figures Alice Åström and Camilla Sköld Jansson to negotiate with the Social Democrats and Green Party after the election.

“I expect those conversations to start on Monday, and the ambition is to come to an agreement on the overall picture,” he said.