Polls open in Swedish election

Polling stations opened in Sweden's general election at 8am on Sunday, with polls giving the opposition Alliance a lead over Göran Persson's ruling Social Democrats.

“I feel very confident that we’ve had a good campaign,” opposition leader Fredrik Reinfeldt told TV4 in an interview on Sunday.

Göran Persson also said thought he’d fought a good campaign.

“My feeling is that this is close, and my experience is that the opinion polls often get it wrong,” the prime minister said.

Reinfeldt and his partners in the opposition Alliance have been criticized by Social Democrats for continuing to campaign on election day. Politicians in Sweden traditionally leave voters in peace during voting.

Reinfeldt said voters could rest assured that voters would not be harassed by election workers, indicating that today’s campaigning would be less aggressive than during the past few weeks:

“To make yourself available so people can ask questions is very important.”

“We are no longer born into political families. One has no obvious answer. I meet young people who are weighing up between voting for the Left Party or the Moderate Party,” he said.