Exit poll: Alliance on the path to victory

Exit polls released by Swedish TV companies predict that the centre-right Alliance is on its way to power, ending Göran Persson's 12-year period as prime minister

SVT’s poll gave the Alliance the bigger lead, with 49.7 percent against 45.6 percent for the Social Democrats’ and allies.

TV4’s poll showed the Social Democrats and allies slightly closer behind the Alliance, with figures at 48.6 against 46.7 percent.

“This sounds fantastic, and it’s a result of a strong campaign which we are proud of. The way things look, it could well be that the Moderates will have the best election result since 1928 which the Social Democrats will have their worse since 1928,” Moderate Party secretary Sven-Otto Littorin told The Local.

“But let’s be cool about things, it’s too early to start celebrating just yet.”

The SVT poll showed that the Moderates were the big winners, with their share increasing from 15.3 at the last election to 26.5 percent. The Centre Party got 8.2 percent, the Liberals went down significantly to 7.3 percent and the Christian Democrats were on 7.5 procent, down from the last election.

The Social Democrats’ figures were down sharply to 34.3 percent, the Left Party was down and the Green Party saw its figures increase from 4.6 to 5.5 percent.

The Local’s reporters