Moderates welcome victory signals

Moderates at the party's election night event welcomed the TV exit polls with cheers, as both TV4 and SVT predicted an Alliance victory.

Beatrice Ask is a likely contender for a new ministerial job should the results of the exit polls ring true later tonight. The Moderates’ spokesperson for justice and education minister under the last right-wing government 1991-94 says it is time for change.

“Sweden is different, and the Moderates are a different party than we were 12 years ago. These premilinary results are due to the teamwork and cooperation which the right-wing parties have made their top priority.”

“Fredrik is a charismatic leader and insists on listening to the other Alliance leaders. They like each other, can talk to each other and have fought this campaign together.”

“I’ve never seen so many sad Social Democrats as I have in the last few days but the mood is a happy one here. The exits polls usually give a very clear answer of what’s to come but you never know.”