Election latest: prognosis shows tight race

The first prognosis from national TV station SVT in the Swedish general election indicates that the left-wing bloc and the centre-right Alliance are heading for a very close vote.

The prognosis, based on the votes counted so far, showed that the Alliance was expected to win 176 seats in parliament, compared to 173 for the Social Democrats and their allies.

The votes from early counts were based mainly on counts from rural areas, which traditionally support the left-wing parties.

The results so far:

Left Party – 5.9 percent

Social Democrats- 36.1 percent

Green Party – 4.8 percent

Centre Party – 7.5 percent

Liberal Party – 8.4 percent

Christian Democrats – 6.4 percent

Moderates – 25.1 percent

Total Alliance: 47.5 percent

Total left bloc: 46.8