Moderates enjoy the sweet taste of victory

Sweden's new government will be announced on October 5th, the Moderates' party secretary Sven-Otto Littorin has said.

“You see a very happy Sven-Otto Littorin in front of you,” said the Moderate Party secretary.

“This is the best result we could have hoped for and naturally it feels fantastic. The uptake from the last election was the highest any party has ever achieved in Sweden.”

“We haven’t had a change in government for 12 years so there’s much to do.Of course we will celebrate tonight but tomorrow is another working day. Fredrik will be asked to form a new government which will be announced on October 5th.”

The last non-socialist Prime Minister Carl Bildt gave his impression of the country’s newly-crowned leader. “He leads by example, is a strong politician and I have faith in him as Prime Minister,” he said. “We heard that in his first speech here this evening.”

Many at the Moderates’ election party cannot quite grasp the concept victory yet. It simply hasn’t sunk in says Johan Forsell, chair of the Moderate’s youth party.

“It’s a tremendous feeling and we’ve been working so many years for this,” he says. “But it still feels unreal.”

“This is a new start for Sweden. We have been living with the Social Democrats for so many years. Something new was needed. I mean, I’m 26 years old, so basically, all I’ve ever known is Göran Persson and people are simply fed up with the way he runs the country. That’s why what has happened tonight, has happened.”

“There’s going to be a lot of partying now but now there’s much work to be done tomorrow,” he added.

Christine Demsteader/James Savage