Alliance leaders gather to celebrate

Cooperation and teamwork has been key to the Alliance's successful campaign, said all four party leaders as they took to the stage at Nalen. It was brief address to the crowd who were near to drowning them out as they sang "The Alliance, the Alliance."

Folkpartiet’s Lars Leijonborg began the proceedings: “We have fought together and supported each other. It’s been tough but we’ve won.”

Göran Hägglund’s speech ran on a similar theme: “We are here together and have achieved this great result together; we made it work”

Center Party leader Maud Olofsson took the opportunity to “once again thank everyone involved in the Alliance campaign.”

“And thanks to Lars, Göran and Fredrik,” she added. “They are really great guys.”

And then came Fredrik. “Who says politics is boring?” he said. “Let’s celebrate tonight and tomorrow we start building a new Sweden.”