“Life goes on” says resigned Persson

“Life goes on,” said Prime Minister Göran Persson on Monday at noon on his way out from his official residence, Sagerska House, in Stockholm. “You turn the page.”

“That doesn’t mean you feel happy about what happened yesterday,” he said in front of a mob of reporters. “Last night I slept well and this morning I looked through all of the election’s results.”

Persson said last night during his concession speech that he was stepping down as head of the Social Democrats.

“I know clearly that if you lose the election at 57 years of age and after 10 years as prime minister, then it is not I who will lead the comeback.”

He said he has not planned on who will take over after he leaves the leadership in March next year.

This afternoon he will resign after 10 years of leading Sweden.

After lunch time, the defeated leader of the Social Democrats will walk the 200 meters to his office, where, in the afternoon, he will turn in his official letter of resignation, before meeting with parliament speaker Björn von Sydow.

After Persson turns in his resignation, Sydow will meet the party leaders. Moderate Party leader Fredrik Reinfeldt will then be given the task of putting together a new government. The parties will then decide how they plan on filling minister posts and other key positions.

The Alliance has almost two weeks to create its government. Then, on October 2, the parliament is opened and a new speaker will be picked. This new speaker will speak with the party leaders.

On October 3, the new speaker will recommend Fredrik Reinfeldt as the new prime minister and say which parties will take part in the new government. Two days later the parliament will vote, and if Reinfeldt gets at least half the votes, he will be installed as Sweden’s new prime minister.

On October 6 Reinfeldt will present his new ministers. The change in government will formally take place at a cabinet meeting at Stockholm’s Royal Palace.

The speaker will then present King Carl XVI Gustaf the parliament’s decision. Then the Alliance will officially be in power and Reinfeldt will be the country’s new leader.