Reinfeldt to speaker: I have a majority

Fredrik Reinfeldt met Björn von Sydow in the Riksdag first thing on Tuesday, and told the speaker of Sweden's parliament that he wanted to lead a majority government.

“I told him that I can see good possibilities to build a majority government,” said Reinfeldt as he emerged from the meeting.

Reinfeldt is expected to meet with the other Alliance leaders later today to discuss how ministerial posts will be distributed. He did not immediately agree to Maud Olofsson’s idea that ministerial posts should be divided equally between men and women.

“Our starting point should be that people who are suited to jobs should get them,” he said.

Reinfeldt said that an important question in the process of building a government was to set up a functioning crisis management system.

“The crisis management system that the Social Democrats were supposed to have set up has according to my information not yet been fully implemented,” he said.

The other party leaders are also meeting the speaker. The leaders of the remaining three Alliance parties were first in during the morning. The Left Party’s Lars Ohly and the Greens’ Peter Eriksson were during the afternoon also due have an audience with von Sydow.

After meeting all the other party leaders, von Sydow will have another meeting with Reinfeldt, at which he is expected to give him the job of forming a new government.

Reinfeldt will hold a joint press conference with von Sydow during the afternoon.