New government to scrap flight tax

The Alliance's win in Sunday's general election means the proposed flight tax due to be introduced this autumn will now be shelved, representatives of the four-party government in waiting have said.

Mats Odell, parliament member for the Christian Democrats and head of the organization Svenskt Flyg, said on Monday the Alliance was planning on doing away with the fee.

“We in the Alliance did not agree to this before the election,” he said, according to Dagens Industri. “And of course this position is the same after the election.

SAS Sweden has said before that the proposed tax would reduce national travel in Sweden by 10-15 percent.

The tax, as agreed by Sweden’s outgoing Social Democratic government and its Green and Left Party allies, would have taxed each passenger 94 Swedish kronor for flights within Europe, and 188 kronor for those traveling further.

The planned introduction of the tax was cited by budget airlines as a reason for axing a number of routes from Swedish airports. Ryanair was among the airlines to take action, closing its London flight from Västerås, near Stockholm, and ditching a number of routes from Malmö.