Election fraud allegations in Norrköping

Social Democrats in Norrköping are accused of electoral fraud, after a party worker was allegedly seen stuffing voting slips in to envelopes on election day.

Police are now investigating the allegations, which were made by local Moderate politician Joakim Eriksson. He says he was tipped off about illegal practices around polling stations in the Hageby Centrum area of Norrköping.

“I went there and saw a female Social Democratic election worker handing a sealed envelope to a man,” Eriksson told Aftonbladet.

Eriksson says another Social Democrat worker was sitting there stuffing voting slips into an envelope. Swedish electoral law says that only the voter can put the slips into the envelope.

Police say they are investigating whether a crime has been committed, but say that nobody has yet been named a suspect in the case.

“We have interviewed witnesses and talked to the county administrative board, which is responsible for elections,” said criminal inspector Evan Gustafsson to Aftonbladet.