Bandidos man arrested over bombings

Police in southwest Sweden have a man in custody in connection to the two car bombings that destroyed several cars in Gothenburg on Tuesday and Wednesday.

“The man in custody was taken in a police raid yesterday at a Bandidos meeting place,” Malin Sahlström, police spokeswoman, told The Local on Thursday morning. “He is 32-years-old and is not originally from Sweden. He is being held in connection to both bombings.”

Sahlström said the Bandidos gang was originally a motor bike gang, but now deals in drugs and black mailing. She said the driver of the taxi that had a grenade put under its back tire on Tuesday was a former witness during a trial against a Bandido member early this year. That particular member was put in jail.

She said the car blown up on Wednesday was owned by a 40-year-old man in the restaurant business who also has a connection to the gang. She could not give more details due to the ongoing investigation.

The 32-year-old in custody can be held until Saturday. A judge will have to have the man remand in custody for any additional holding.

“We have completed the technical investigation,” said Sahlström. “Now we are looking to see what happened and are trying to get more witnesses. We hope this will end now, but we are not sure about that.”