Police seize 146 neglected dogs

Police and animal protection officers have seized 146 neglected dogs from a house in Värmdö outside Stockholm.

Neighbours began complaining about the animals eight years ago, and the owner of the house has been prohibited from raising dogs in his house for the last four years.

The local environmental inspector, Robert Öjermark, told Dagens Nyheter that the situation in the house was among the worst he has encountered. The owner has consistently ignored orders not to raise any more dogs and on Tuesday Öjermark eventually decided to drop by unannounced. He was denied access and required help from the police to get inside the house.

The dogs, made up of 136 Yorkshire terriers and 10 dachshunds, have all been relocated to Hundstallet kennels in the Stockholm suburb of Åkeshov. All were in need of immediate care but none was in a bad enough condition to warrant being put down.

The manager of Hundstallet, Ulrika Ek, told The Local that, “they were very dirty and quite scared. They all needed baths, some were covered in poop, and many even had difficulty moving about because they were so weighed down. We have vets in now to give them shots, cut their hair and nails, get rid of fleas and clean out their ears and eyes.”

Unless the county administrative board decides that the dogs should be returned to their owner they will be allocated new homes. Ulrika Ek does not think there will be any problem finding new owners for the 146 dogs, or the puppies that are due in the near future.

The kennel has a rigorous interview process to ensure that the dogs are well looked after in their new homes. Ek told The Local that the problem often is to find good owners when “many people want smaller dogs, just like Paris Hilton’s.”

Paul O’Mahony