Ohly apologises for one-fingered salute

Lefty Party leader Lars Ohly has now apologised to TV4 for raising his middle finger to a columnist from Expressen on the channel's Monday morning talk show.

The incident occurred directly after Marie Söderqvist Tralau gave her explanation as to why the Left Party seemed so happy despite the election defeat. “Lars Ohly is doing what communists traditionally do: kick the dissidents out and create a small, strong core.”

Speaking to TV4, Ohly says, “I have apologised to her and I am sticking to that.” He also explains what went through his mind before he lifted his finger: “I was referred to as a communist sect leader who weeds out members. That is a serious insult, but I should have responded verbally.”

Söderqvist Tralau told Expressen: “He calls himself a feminist but when he gave me the finger it was clearly a case of a dominant male using his position of power over a woman ten years his junior.”

When interviewed by Söderqvist Tralau’s newspaper, Ohly said: “I have read her columns. I would describe her views as being somewhere to the right of Genghis Khan”.

After the studio discussion Söderqvist Tralau dismissed Ohly “a brutal, ill-bred communist”.

Paul O’Mahony