Final election count released

The final tallies in the Swedish election have been published, with votes in all 6,177 electoral districts counted.

The final scores from the Swedish Electoral Authority showed the Alliance had won 48.24 percent of the national vote, with the Social Democrats, the Greens and the Left Party together garnering the votes of 46.08 percent of the electorate. Other parties together had 5.67 percent of the vote.

Voter turnout was 81.99 percent, up from 80.11 percent in 2002.

The final figures were only slightly different from the preliminary figures released on election night. The Moderates’ figures rose from 26.1 to 26.2 percent and the Social Democrats’ numbers were down from 35.2. to 35.0 percent. Differences in the other parties’ scores were scarcely measurable.

The final scores did not affect the preliminary calculations for the number of Riksdag seats awarded to each party. In total, the Alliance parties have 178 seats and the left-wing parties had 171 seats. None of the smaller parties cleared the 4 percent hurdle needed to gain a place in the Riksdag.

Final Election scores

Moderates 26.23 percent

Centre Party 7.88 percent

Liberal Party 7.54 percent

Christian Dem. 6.59 percent

Social Dem. 34.99 percent

Left Party 5.85 percent

Green Party 5.24 percent