Arrests over pre-school arson attacks

Police in Skövde have arrested three people in connection with a spate of arson attacks on pre-schools in the town.

The first arrest was made on Wednesday and involved a teenage boy, according to TV 4 Skaraborg. There were two further arrests on Thursday evening.

Pyromaniacs have set alight a total of five pre-schools in the town, near Gothenburg, over the past month. Three of these were completely destroyed while two others sustained serious damage.

The attacks were carried out in the middle of the night and did not result in any injuries.

Approximately ten people were questioned on Thursday and Friday, many of whom were witnesses to the crimes. Police spokesman Thomas Fuxborg told TT: “We have come to a crucial juncture in the investigation and plan to take in several more people for questioning.”

Fuxborg did not reveal any details about the suspects’ age, sex or origins.

“We would actually have preferred to keep the arrests to ourselves for the moment, but we chose to release the information with the general public in mind. There are a terrible number of rumours in circulation about the case.”

After the fifth attack the insurance company Länsförsäkringar offered a 100,000 kronor reward to anyone who could provide information that would help police to track down the perpetrators. According to Expressen, police would not reveal whether this had led to the arrests of the last two days.

Police and security companies in Skövde are concerned that the danger may not yet be over and are continuing to patrol day-care centres and pre-schools in the town.

TT/Paul O’Mahony