New government to reverse job protection rules

The new Alliance government will reverse new employment protection regulations pushed through by the Social Democrats, the Left and the Greens in the spring, Sydsvenskan reported on Saturday.

Today’s Employment Protection Act says that a temporary employee has the right to a permanent job after 12 months. But the outgoing government decided to shorten that to six months, starting next July.

Now it will be switched back to 12 months.

“We have jointly said that this will be abolished,” said the Moderates’ Patrik Norinder, who is a member of the parliamentary labour committee.

The Christian Democrats’ Per Landgren told Sydsvenskan that the matter would be taken up as soon as the new government is in place.

“It’s a race against time, but simply to scrap a law and return to the old one shouldn’t be so complicated,” he said.

The Alliance also wants to abolish the law giving part time employees the right to full time work after a certain period.