Ulvskog regrets rapist outburst

The Social Democrats' party secretary Marita Ulvskog has said she regrets comparing Liberal Party leader Lars Leijonborg to a rapist.

The outburst came at the peak of the computer scandal which threw the Liberals’ election campaign into disarray. A Liberal staffer gained unauthorised access to the Social Democrats’ internal computer system, leading to a number of resignations at the highest level of the party.

As Leijonborg attempted to minimise the damage, Marita Ulvskog said in a radio interview that he was ‘like a rapist who blames his victim’.

In Swedish Radio’s Saturday interview, Ulvskog admitted that it was not an appropriate expression. But she excused herself by explaining that she was “extremely angry”.

“I wish I hadn’t said that,” said Ulvskog in the interview.

At the time, her choice of words was slammed by members of her own party as well as politicians across the spectrum.

Gudrun Schyman, spokeswoman for the Feminist Initiative, said Ulvskog’s outburst was unfortunate.

“I think you should think over the words and use them when it is proper to do that,” she told The Local.

“It’s inflation of words, and if you inflate words they become meaningless,” she said.