Växjö school emptied by bomb threat

A shopping mall and a nearby school in Växjö, southern Sweden, were evacuated at lunchtime on Monday after emergency services received a bomb threat.

A man called SOS Alarm, which handles emergency calls, and said a bag would be blown up in the shopping centre within the hour. The area was evacuated quickly and remained sealed off at 4pm.

Local police had called in trained dogs from other districts to search through the area. They said they expected the area to remain closed off into the evening.

The threat was aimed at the mall, not the school, but 600 pupils nonetheless had to leave the school premises. Police say they have a recording of the call to SOS Alarm. Around 30 police were at the scene during the afternoon. No suspect bag has so far been found.

“The restrictions will remain until the area has been searched and it has been confirmed that there are no dangerous objects there,” said local police spokesman Robert Loeffel.