Sewage smell upsets trapped passengers

Passengers in central Sweden were trapped on an airless, stationary train for three hours, while the smell of sewage spread around the carriages.

The train came to a halt outside Tierp, in the Uppland region, north of Stockholm, early on Monday afternoon. According to a woman who spoke to Swedish Radio the train had stopped on a leaning section of track, which led the toilets to flood and a foul stench to spread through the carriages.

The unpleasant situation was exacerbated by the fact that the windows in the train carriage could not be opened. Attempts to tow the train away failed. Passengers were not allowed to leave the train until an evacuation procedure, which started at around 3pm. They had no food or water during their three hour ordeal.

“I completely understand that passengers found it unpleasant to be stuck, but when it’s a double track security considerations mean you don’t want to let them out,” said Sture Jonsson, a spokesman for train operator Upplands Lokaltrafik.

No information on the cause of the train stoppage had been divulged by operators at the time of writing.