Swede “appeared on terror video”

One of two masked men on a videotape threatening to carry out terror attacks in Europe was apparently the 19 year old Swede currently being held in Bosnia. The trial against him and a Turkish man from Denmark resumed in Sarajevo on Monday.

On the film, which was shown to the court, a collection of weapons was displayed including handgrenades and what appeared to be explosives. The men said that it was to be used against European states which had soldiers in Afghanistan and Iraq and that everything was prepared for a strike.

According to the embassy counsel following the trial in Bosnia, Monika Jagerman, the Swede has admitted that the film was made with the camera that was confiscated from the apartment he shared with the Danish Turk, and that he borrowed it from a Bosnian aunt.

Nevertheless, both of the men on trial have denied that they are the two masked men. But a voice expert said in his witness statement on Monday that it is ‘highly probable’ that one of the masked men on the video is the Swede. However, he added that it is not possible to be 100 percent certain.

The two men have been in prison in Sarajevo since October 19th last year, when they were arrested in their rented apartment. A large number of weapons and 30 kilos of explosives were confiscated.

Since the Swede was seized, police and intelligence services in Europe have identified him as the man who, under the codename of Maximus, recruited young Muslims to fight against the US in Iraq.

Soon after the two men were arrested in Sarajevo, police in Denmark acted against a group of young men there. Four of those are now facing terror charges and are awaiting trial. Several men in the UK who are suspected of having been in contact with the Swede were also arrested.