76-year old siege man sentenced

A 76-year-old man who opened fire indiscriminately with a shotgun from his home in the outskirts of the southern town of Hässleholm in July was today sentenced to institutional psychiatric care. The district court categorised the crime as attempted manslaughter.

Neighbours raised the alarm on a Friday evening in July, explaining to police that the man had begun firing several weapons from his home. A special police unit dispatched from Malmö spent several hours trying to convince the man to stop firing.

The man however continued shooting from his house for most of the night. On a few occasions he left the house and began firing at the policemen assembled outside. None of the policemen were hit but they returned fire at one point and the 76-year-old took a shot to the stomach.

He continued shooting undeterred however and the police eventually fired teargas into his house before gaining entry. They found the old man in the attic. He had put down his weapon but still managed to offer stern resistance. He was eventually handcuffed and brought to hospital for treatment on his stomach injury.

Three days later he was arrested while still at the hospital. He has not been able to provide an explanation for the shooting incident.

As a former hunter the 76-year-old man had licences for ten guns. He kept all of the weapons stored in his house.

Paul O’Mahony