Stockholm prisoner in classic jailbreak

A remand prisoner staged a classic escape from a Stockholm jail on Wednesday morning, tying sheets together to lower himself down from his seventh-floor cell.

The prisoner, who is in his twenties, escaped from the Kronoberg remand centre in the Kungsholmen district.

He is thought to have somehow managed to open the barred window, and then lowered himself down the side of the building. He is then thought to have landed on a flat roof, from which he jumped down to the ground and ran away, either down Kungsholmsgatan or Bergsgatan.

“We don’t know for certain [which way he ran] – it’s possible to go in both directions,” said police commander Kurt-Erik Hansson.

Hansson agreed that the escape sounded like a scene from a novel, but said that there had been similar escapes from Kronoberg in the past.

“But it must be at least 15-20 years ago, if my memory serves me correctly,” he said.

Hansson said that there were guards on duty, “but they don’t watch everyone all the time, so he was able to work pretty much undisturbed.”

The escaped man was due to be deported.

“I don’t know whether he was guilty of a crime or whether it was a routine illegal alien case,” he said.