Feminist rift wider than ever

Two of Sweden's foremost feminists, Tiina Rosenberg and Ebba Witt-Brattström, had a massive falling out last summer, leading to a PR disaster for the newly formed Feminist Initiative (FI).

According to Rosenberg, speaking in a magazine interview this week, the rift between the two is wider than ever.

Witt-Brattström quoted Rosenberg as saying that “women who sleep with men are gender traitors.” Rosenberg denied having made the comment but eventually left the party when the media pressure became too intense.

Rosenberg has now spoken out in M Magasin about her relationship with her former friend.

“She is someone who I would not be able to meet in person without giving her a solid punch. If I saw her today I would get stuck into her. So would my partner and other people close to me.”

Witt-Brattström never looked back after breaking her ties with FI.

“I don’t think problems can be solved with violence. I haven’t bumped into her since leaving FI, which is clearly just as well”, she told Expressen.