Moderates to change party secretary

The Moderate Party has announced that party secretary Sven Otto Littorin is to resign. The new party secretary will be presented later on Thursday by leader Fredrik Reinfeldt, who is in the process of building a new government after the Alliance election victory earlier this month.

Oscar Hållén, the Moderates’ press secretary, declined to reveal why Littorin was leaving or who would take over from him. In particular, he would not respond to speculation that Littorin is to take a ministerial post or a role in Government Offices.

“I cannot answer that,” said Hållén.

Reinfeldt is expected to reveal his new ministers on October 6th.

The Moderates’ first vice chairman, Gunilla Carlsson, said that when Littorin took the job he made it clear that he would only stay in the role until the 2006 election was over.

“He took on this role as party secretary to ensure that we reached our goal, and that’s what we have done,” she said.

Sven Otto Littorin was educated as an economist, studied in the US and has written several books about politics and economics. Before he replaced Johnny Magnusson as party secretary after the Moderates’ slump in the 2000 election, Littorin was a partner in the consultancy firm Momentor, which offers financial advisory services.

Littorin has also had a management role at the Moderate-friendly PR bureau Kreab.