Sjödin ‘should be jailed’

Prosecutors have called for Social Democrat youth leader Anna Sjödin to be sent to jail for allegedly assaulting a bouncer at a bar in Stockholm in January.

On the final day of her trial at Stockholm district court on Thursday, prosecutor Per Lindqvist said Sjödin was guilty of repeatedly physically attacking security guard Babak Jamei.

Linqvist also said that the racist insults she allegedly hurled at him – calling him ‘svartskalle’ or ‘black skull’ – meant that she was guilty of a hate crime. He said that a suspended sentence would therefore not suffice.

Earlier on Thursday, the court heard evidence from two of Sjödin’s colleagues. Bouncers at a Stockholm bar called the Social Democrat youth leader Anna Sjödin a “whore”, they told the trial.

Sjödin’s press secretary, Peter Skeppström, who was with her at the bar, said he heard Sjödin scream. He said the guard was behaving erratically and that he “was looking at her in a very unpleasant way.”

Another guard bent Skeppström’s arm behind his back and marched him out of the bar. Skeppström then called the tabloids straight away to “disarm” the news.

“I knew that this would get out,” he told the court. He also admitted that he threatened to call justice minister Thomas Bodström.

“You’ve got to imagine what it’s like to be in a situation where you feel like you’re completely powerless and being spat on,” he said.

Another worker for SSU, the Social Democrat youth movement, told the court that three guards rushed to intervene when a row broke out at the table. He said that two of three doormen were at one point laying on top of Sjödin and that she was later pushed up against a glass door and called a “whore” by the guards.

The SSU worker called the police.

“I thought I would be able to say what had happened, but instead I was treated with suspicion.”

Two other customers at the bar told the court that Anna Sjödin and her friend, who is also on trial, were very drunk.

Sjödin and security guard Babak Jamei both gave evidence on Wednesday. He claimed that she was very drunk, strongly resisted attempts to eject her from the bar and used racially abusive terms.

Sjödin said she was assaulted, and claimed the guards insulted her.