Nuclear reactors to restart on Friday

The Forsmark 1 and 2 nuclear reactors will be restarted on Friday, two months after they were shut down after an incident at the plant, Sweden's nuclear power inspectorate (SKI) has announced.

“We are anticipating being able to restart both of the offline reactors during the night,” said Claes-Inge Andersson, head of information at Forsmark, to TT.

“If everything goes to plan, Forsmark 1 will be in full production on Sunday and Forsmark 2 on Monday,” he added.

SKI approved the measures implemented by the management at Forsmark to meet the demands for a reserve power supply and safety imposed on the plant by the inspectorate two weeks ago.

But the conditions for the restart are tied up with a series of requirements for the management at Forsmark to improve the safety culture at the plant.

SKI said it wants to know what instructions the owners, through the board of directors, will give the Forsmark’s managing director about how performance will be balanced against safety at the nuclear plant.

The inspectorate also wants to see an improvement in the ability of Forsmark’s personnel to judge and handle events when a reactor behaves unpredictably.

SKI will continue to carry out more inspections that usual at Forsmark, while the management will be expected to provide a daily report for each reactor.

The Forsmark 1 reactor was shut down on July 25th after a short-circuit caused a blackout. Two of four backup diesel generators failed to start automatically, revealing other faults in the power station’s electrical system.

Another reactor, Oskarshamn 1, which was built to a similar design as Forsmark, was also shut down. That reactor will remain shut down until the end of December, when a widescale rebuilding of its reserve power supply is expected to be completed.

The shutdown of the reactors has already cost the owners over a billion kronor.